When Snapchat introduced Shoppable Ads in the latter half of 2018, the “spidey senses” of brands and retailers everywhere tingled.

Why the buzz? Because now there is a way to advertise your products to Snapchat’s massive 12-34 yr old audience around the world using a product data feed.
This leaves you with the question: How do you create a Snapchat Product Data Feed?

Keep reading to find out.

Start Creating a Snapchat Product Feed

How do you get your products on Snapchat? Simple.

    1. The first decision to consider is HOW you want to structure your Snapchat Product Feed.
    2. Upload your library of products either manually or automatically
      1. Manually, which means you enter your product information into a spreadsheet according to Snapchat’s specifications.
      2. Automatically, which means using an extension, plugin, app, or service that pulls data from your site and formats it for you.
      3. Use the data from your product feed to automatically create Product Ads, Story Ads, and Snap Ads, and the new Collection Ads with templates in Snapchat’s Ads Manager.

If you have a large inventory to promote, you’ll likely want to go the automated route. Find out how to create a product feed from your existing catalog.

What Content is Restricted Within Snapchat Ads?

Although the geographical targets for using a Snapchat Product Data Feed have expanded worldwide, the content within Snapchat ads is subject to certain geographical restrictions depending on the country you want to target.
Note: These content restrictions do not affect Clothing & Apparel product ads.

Why Your Snapchat Product Feed Set-up Is Important

Setting up your product data feed properly is important for 3 main reasons:

• To display accurate product information
• To earn clicks from prospective buyers
• To make optimization and management easier

Keep in mind that automation doesn’t mean hands-off. You still need to ensure your current product titles, descriptions, images, and other attributes are optimized. Otherwise, your automated feed won’t deliver as it should.

By following the same format and structure as you would use for a Google Shopping product data feed, your product information will display well in Snapchat Shoppable Ads. Use these same guidelines to get your Snapchat Product Feed up and running.

Improve Your Ad Performance on Snapchat

Now that you know how to get your products on Snapchat, it’s time to start advertising them. To better promote your products on social channels, a product feed management platform like Highstreet.io can help. The platform handles all of your product feed needs by optimizing your product data for better listings on Snapchat, and any social or marketing channel you want to advertise on.
Get more details on how to better optimize your Snapchat product feeds for your  Shoppable Ads. Contact Hightstreet.io today for a free consult.