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Save time

Create, manage and automatically update all your product data in one place with ensured full synchronization across channels. A Shopping Feed Management Service ensures full synchronization across channels, eliminating any inconsistencies.

Boost Conversions

Integrate multiple product data sources Into one feed for better targeting & performance by accurately listing your products. This approach enhances targeting and performance, allowing you to accurately list your products and increase the chances of attracting the right customers.

Sell Everywhere

Advertise your products effectively on multiple channels by meeting each channel feed requirements. Shopping Engine Feed Management enables you to effectively advertise your products on multiple channels, expanding your reach and potential customer base.

Increase Visibility

Increase your brand and product visibility across websites and marketing channels. A Shopping Feed Management Service helps you capture attention and stand out from the competition, ensuring your products receive the exposure they deserve.

Reach more Customers

Expand product’s reach and widen your customer base through multiple channels integration. With seamless integration, you can expand your product’s reach and tap into a wider audience, increasing your chances of driving sales.

Skyrocket Online & In-store Sales

Showcase your current inventory of products with better quality data for enhanced ads. A Shopping Data Feed Management Service empowers you to present your products with enhanced ads, capturing the interest of potential buyers.

What is Product Feed Management?

Product feed management is the distribution and optimization of your product data feeds onto different channels and marketplaces, in the required format, with all the vital information they need.

Types of Product Feed Management

Every shopping channel requires a product feed that needs to be managed and optimized to ensure the best performance on each platform. Some channels demand multiple types of product feeds and others only the one. Find more information on different types of product feed management services.

How Product Feed Management Works

Effective product feed management is done through a data feed platform providing your team with accurate, well-structured, and relevant product data for enhanced feeds to better promote your products across multiple marketing channels and marketplaces. In addition to the platform, the management of your product feeds includes the optimization, synchronization, and approvals of your products across all of your shopping channels.

Product Feed Management Optimization Using Highstreet.io

Each shopping channel has their own unique feed requirements and optimizing the feed quality for each channel to meet and beat those requirements takes experience. For instance, Google Shopping data feed specifications are different from Amazon, Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and so on.


Make the most out of your products by improving your product content information, images, and data structure for better campaign performance.


Simplify the entire process of sending your product catalog to different marketing channels to effectively list your products and boost sales.


Reach potential customers with customized targeted ads that match users’ searches with enhanced product feeds to power up your listings.


Expand product visibility & grow your business by connecting simultaneously to multiple channels ensuring channels requirements.


Easily synchronize large catalogs, store product inventory, dynamic pricing & product data updates with shopping channels in real-time using specialized APIs or feeds.

What’s Included in Highstreet.io’s Product Feed Management Service

Shopping Data Feed Management


  • Adaptive Performance Feeds: Creation & Management
  • Local Inventory Feeds: Creation & Management
  • Color Customization & Management (Google standards)
  • Promotion Driven Feeds
  • Shopping Channel Feed Consulting
  • Google Merchant Center (GMC) Promotion Management
  • Dedicated Product Feed Consultant
  • Google Merchant Center (GMC) ongoing management of disapproval

Product Feed Production


  • Real-Time Product Feed Statistics
  • Brand Name Standardization (multiple names to one)
  • Promotion Driven Feeds (mark products as part of a promotion)
  • Real-Time Feed Synchronization
  • Multilingual Keyword Mapping
  • API Integration with Shopping Channels
  • Advanced Web Scraping Technology Split & Merge Variants of product data
  • Generation of Unique Ids & Category Ids
  • Feed Merges (dynamic feeds + master feeds)

Supporting 200+ Marketing Channels and many others on request

Maximize your Product Listing Performance on Multiple Marketing Channels using our Shopping Engine Feed Management

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“We were facing two main challenges. The first was to reduce the resources we needed to devote to feed management in order to ramp up our digital marketing activities and the second was to improve the quality of our feeds to increase campaign performance. By leveraging Highstreet.io’s feed management expertise we were able to achieve both.”

— Nicola Antonelli
Web Project Manager, LUISAVIAROMA

“Our main concern was with finding a reliable solution and, together with accuracy of delivery, that’s exactly what Highstreet.io provided. I would consider Highstreet.io an excellent feed management solution for online retailers short on time or technical competence.”

— Stefano Susi
Head of Business Intelligence- DIFFUSIONE TESSILE

“When we source these types of services, we look for providers that can fill the role of partner. Together with the obvious capabilities of the platform, Highstreet.io also offered a high level of data consultancy that is definitely an added value.”

— Enzo Panetta
Head of Digital Marketing and Innovation, UNIEURO

We are now able to relate products to out of stock results, customize search results depending on what customer was searching for, change the sort order and access quality analytics to understand what people were looking for on their website. The decision to integrate Algolia with Magento, using Highstreet.io, was an easy one.

— Jay Chinthrajah
V.P. of Engineering - M.M. LAFLEUR

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