The Luxury Brand’s Guide to Growing Through Online Marketplaces

By Highstreet.io – 2024

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About the Guide

Gain a comprehensive overview of how expanding your digital presence by selling through third parties could dramatically boost your revenue and customer base.

Our guide is an invaluable resource for digital marketing and sales professionals making the business case for marketplace integration and who need a deeper understanding of the entire process. Use this to educate yourself, your team and other stakeholders who will be involved.

For most brands, their initial success was based on establishing strong engagement across digital channels such as their own website and social media. As competition for online sales intensifies, future growth will depend on showing up where consumers are most likely to visit. This includes not only Amazon and eBay but Zalando, Farfetch and many others.

What’s inside the marketplace integration guide?


An analysis of online shopping forces that should inform brands’ strategies between now and 2030.


A step-by-step, non-technical breakdown of what it takes to achieve marketplace integration.


Best practices in third-party sales and marketing once your integration is set up.


Trends and opportunities for the luxury eCommerce sector in 2024 and beyond.

The contents of our marketplace integration guide come from a detailed synthesis of market research data and direct insight from experts at Highstreet.io.

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