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We are a group of hard-working professionals, focused on delivering the best-in-class digital advertising services to clients, all over the world. Teamwork, passion, and collaboration is what help us thrive.

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What Our Employees say

“I was among the first to join Kipcast in 2006 and I followed its continuous growth, from the initial activities of aggregation and re-publishing content to the birth and expansion of Highstreet.io. From the first days, I appreciated the extremely positive and constructive atmosphere of the company, the flexibility granted to make the most of their abilities and interests, and the constant willingness to collaborate with colleagues of all levels and departments. In my role as a software developer I mainly design and implement the integration architectures with the marketplaces, necessary to manage the numerous data flows with our customers systems. This activity requires a daily confrontation with complex problems, implies the acquisition of in-depth and constantly evolving knowledge which allows me to get in touch with emerging technologies, and constantly extend my skills. In addition, the recent acceleration of the development of the sector always provides new opportunities to apply the experience acquired in different contexts and to seek innovative solutions.”

Fausto Oppizio

Senior Java Developer

“I’ve been working for Kipcast as a support engineer for more than two years. I manly work on new customers onboarding, developing the necessary infrastructure for managing data flow between customers’ platforms. and the marketplaces or advertising channels they want to connect to. Overall, I am very happy working here. I’ve found an informal environment in which commitment is noticed and rewarded. People’s opinion and ideas are valued and taken into account. In addition, colleagues are always ready to help out, and managers are very careful to ensure everyone has a proper workload, avoiding excessive stress as much as possible.”

Isacco Benedetti

Technical Support Engineer

“Working on the Highstreet.io service is like dealing with a huge Lego: there are colored blocks of every shape and size that can be assembled to obtain thousands of different combinations and build the models that best suit customers’ needs. Every day I work with people who love to design and explore new ideas. Whenever a particular element is missing, we work together to build and shape it in the best way. This job is about creativity and patience, which requires strong skill sets, followed by great enrichment and satisfaction. In my role as a quality manager, I make sure that all the different elements fit together perfectly so that the interlocking is stable and safe for everyone.”

Andrea Bertolotto

Senior Software Developer

“I have been working at Kipcast and on the Highstreet.io project for nearly 11 years now.
I take care of the cloud infrastructure and all the develops practices that allow ensuring the continuity of service and the distribution of new releases in cloud environments. I would recommend anyone to work in Kipcast because the company not only offers the best advanced technology on the market, but also it gives people the opportunity to work with bright, talented, creative minds.”

Damiano Federti

VP DevOps and Cloud Services

“I love testing in general, and my job requires paying attention so that everything runs smoothly. Here I have the chance to study new frameworks to improve the testing methods and my experience in testing softwares. I like working with the whole team. Since the very beginning, I immediately found a healthy, welcoming, and dynamic environment.”

Giacomo Arminio

Automation and Manual Software Tester

“I’ve been working at Kipcast over the past 13 years. What I value most about working here is the collaboration with the entire team, made of enthusiastic personalities. I work with peers from different departments for brainstorming new initiatives and ideas, and develop content to improve our company marketing strategy. At Kipcast, there is always a space to learn from oneanother, and strengthen each other as a group.”

Helen Guardalben

Marketing Manager

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