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Grow your business by partnering with Affiliate Marketing Networks and help them better showcase your products.

Increase Traffic

Attract buyers to click & visit your website by providing them with enriched product data

Boost Revenue

Create High Quality Ads that showcase your product details to increase conversion rates and drive sales

Reach More People

Get your campaigns in front of bigger audiences by showcasing detailed Ads on major Affiliate Networks

Grow Loyalty

Ensure consistency between you and your publishers to meet customers’ expectations and to avoid product data mismatch

Succeed in your Affiliate Marketing Program with Highstreet.io

Make it easier for your affiliates to integrate merchant’s products, promotions, and coupons on their website.

Boost Quality Traffic through Increased Product Data Feed Accuracy


  • Effectively promote your products by providing affiliate networks with high-quality data feeds of your product catalog


  • Make sure your product data feeds comply with data feed requirements and formats to meet each network specifications


  • Optimize your marketing affiliation program by automating feed configuration, submission, and order tracking

Succeed in your Affiliate

Run Successful Performance-Based Marketing Campaigns through Product Data Feed Optimization & Customization


  • Create and manage outstanding Ad Campaigns and enpower your Affiliates with up to date product data to ensure everything runs seamlessly


  • Easily attribute orders to your affiliate partners so you know where your sales are coming from, and which affiliates are effectively marketing your products


  • Promptly track, measure, and fine-tune your affiliate marketing strategy for better conversion rates & increased revenue.

How it works

Highstreet.io helps you to effectively market your products on Affiliate Networks

Data Feed Generation, Configuration & Optimization

Create and configure data feeds from your eCommerce store and seamlessly integrate with major affiliate marketing networks, worldwide.

Real Time Updates & Submission

Easily submit and automatically update your data feeds to accurately reflect your online store status. Keep your sales rolling and customers happy by ensuring the best campaign return on investment.

Attribution Management

Attribution Management

Keep a close eye on where your traffic is coming from. Track clicks data across marketing channels and accurately determine which channels are driving traffic that leads to sales.

Add a New Revenue Stream to your Business

Discover major Affiliate Networks we can connect you to

…and many others on request.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Excellent service and technical/digital expertise. Thanks to Highstreet.io we executed a real Omnichannel strategy. They were able to optimize our shopping feed for Google and Bing and help us implement Google LIAs. We’re in the process of updating GMB and Facebook locations automatically with the help of Highstreet.io.”

— Anna Gnali
Digital Marketing Manager - TIMBERLAND EMEA

Our goal was to increase our omnichannel footprint by embracing new digital sales channels such as marketplaces and we needed an experienced partner to help us with marketplace integration. Highstreet.io listened attentively and worked hard to meet our business requirements. A proactive chemistry developed between our respective technical teams which led to results we are very happy with. I would definitely recommend Highstreet.io to anyone facing similar challenges.

— Flavio Fiorio
Executive VP IT & Web - THE VITEC GROUP

We are now able to relate products to out of stock results, customize search results depending on what customer was searching for, change the sort order and access quality analytics to understand what people were looking for on their website. The decision to integrate Algolia with Magento, using Highstreet.io, was an easy one.

— Jay Chinthrajah
V.P. of Engineering - M.M. LAFLEUR

“When we source these types of services, we look for providers that can fill the role of partner. Together with the obvious capabilities of the platform, Highstreet.io also offered a high level of data consultancy that is definitely an added value.”

— Enzo Panetta
Head of Digital Marketing and Innovation, UNIEURO

“Our main concern was with finding a reliable solution and, together with accuracy of delivery, that’s exactly what Highstreet.io provided. I would consider Highstreet.io an excellent feed management solution for online retailers short on time or technical competence.”

— Stefano Susi
Head of Business Intelligence- DIFFUSIONE TESSILE

“We were facing two main challenges. The first was to reduce the resources we needed to devote to feed management in order to ramp up our digital marketing activities and the second was to improve the quality of our feeds to increase campaign performance. By leveraging Highstreet.io’s feed management expertise we were able to achieve both.”

— Nicola Antonelli
Web Project Manager, LUISAVIAROMA

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