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Discover inspiring success stories from clients of top fashion companies, leveraging the power of Highstreet.io platform to reach their business goals and succeed in their digital marketing growth. Learn how highly optimized & integrated product data can save you time and drive more sales.

Calzedonia Case Study

Boggi Milano accelerates Farfetch integration

Expanding into an online marketplace known for its fashionable clientele was a huge priority for Boggi, but it was under a tight deadline and needed to create a new product feed from scratch

Boggi benefitted from the fact Highstreet.io had already integrated its platform with the latest Farfetch REST API. This sped up the process of developing a bidirectional feed that worked with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Results in 2 months

Choosing Highstreet.io meant Boggi met its due date.

Full API support

Highstreet.io’s expertise eased expansion to Farfetch.

Instant uploads

Boggi can be confident it’s only selling what’s in stock.

Calzedonia Case Study

Liu Jo doubles the number of products in a single feed to Google to sell more online

Accelerate the time-to-value from adopting Salesforce Commerce Cloud by simplifying the creation and accuracy of product feeds across multiple channels, while also reducing the number of preemptive item disapprovals in Google Merchant Center.

Using Highstreet.io’s proprietary cartridge designed specifically to ease SFCC integrations, product attributes such as stock levels, pricing and customer segment data are continuously synchronized and accurate.


Product feeds for one country

A 1% error rate

down from 30%

65% decrease

in GMC disapprovals

Calzedonia Case Study

Carrefour boosts accuracy and detail of Local Inventory Ads

To generate a continuous flow of product data of available inventory. Carrefour needed to address the differences in pricing across multiple markets and comply with Google’s Local Inventory Ad (LIA) rules.

Highstreet.io integrated its product feed management platform with Carrefour’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud and created a specific feed for the company’s Google Merchant Center account, which verified which products are in stock across digital and physical channels.

Enriched data

with store-specific inventory and pricing

48-hour campaign turnaround

for store promotions

Verified quality

Highstreet visited 3 locations to ensure accurate data

Twinset accelerates its ability to grow across countries and digital channels

Reducing the manual work of adding more product feeds was critical for Twinset as the company expanded into a growing number of social channels and marketplaces.

Using Highstreet.io’s proprietary Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration cartridge allowed Twinset to refresh pricing and inventory data without putting a strain on processing power. The result has been a far more versatile platform that can successfully achieve the company’s growth objectives.

Nearly 10 new touchpoints

More geographies and digital channels

TalonOne transition

Highstreet helped move to a new promotional engine

Global inventory

to support multi country pricebooks and FB rules

Calzedonia Case Study

Calzedonia Group fuels eCommerce expansion with enhanced product feeds

To speed up the production of product feeds and ensure accuracy as the company revamped its entire online infrastructure. Calzedonia also needed a partner that could handle a range of requests as it continues to scale its eCommerce operation.

Integrating Highstreet.io’s product feed management platform with the group’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation has accelerated the ability to ingest and manage data. Exporting into Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows predictive campaigns. Highstreet.io’s multi-marketplace integration, meanwhile, has helped Calzedonia sell across more online destinations.

6 brands, 30 markets

Highstreet enables international digital sales

4 marketplaces

Calzedonia is now selling on Amazon, Mango and more

5 warehouses

managed via integration with Channel Advisors

Browns Sees 50% CTR Boost And Enhances eCommerce Customer Experience

Browns enhances online customer experience and marketing performance

Transforming digital destinations like Google and Facebook into windows that showcase the retailer’s diverse collection of footwear available online and in stores.

Brown’s was able to benefit from Highstreet.io’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and create feeds that support multiple social channels, affiliate marketing channels and retargeting services.This included managing content in both English and French, and optimizing details such as titles, product types, promotional IDs and custom labels.

30 min updates

Browns is publishing its feed on GMC six times a day

50% better CTR

on Google Shopping Ads, Facebook and elsewhere

Traffic up 48%

leading to greater eCommerce sales

The North Face wins with greater access to competitive sales data

To help the retailer’s agency, PHD Media, optimize product and performance data in order to better demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) for product listening advertising campaigns.

By synchronizing the additional data set into a single feed, PHD and Highstreet.io were able to combine the Price Competitiveness Report with eCommerce product data and The North Face’s bestseller data from Google Analytics. This has allowed the retailer to dynamically assign values based on price competitiveness and sales to a segmented group of products within its feed, increasing the likelihood for conversions.

164% revenue increase

from Google Shopping ads

20% average higher orders

via optimized campaigns

16% ROI

year over year on digital ads

Luisaviaroma expands to 100+ countries via Product Feed Management

To free up the technical team from setting up multiple feeds based on a variety of specific format requirements from partners, and to maximize the performance of digital marketing campaigns by improving the quality of each feed.

By implementing a master product feed that synchronized all of LuisaViaRoma’s data, Highstreet.io was able to work directly with partners such as Google to modify outputs based on complex business rules.

2X faster

to set up product feeds

Lower costs

to run GMC campaigns

A happier team

thanks to less manual work

M.M. LaFleur finds the secret to a better website search experience

To provide more relevant search results for online shoppers as well as those searching internally within the brand. This required synchronizing data fed into online marketplaces such as Magento and Algolia, but without leaning on the company’s engineering team as a resource.

Using simple standard API calls, Highstreet.io updated the entire M.M. LaFleur product catalog, and mono-directionally transferred the data from Magento to the company’s Algolia website search engine.

Custom search

and sort ordering capabilities

Better analytics

from customer search data

Cost efficiency

via an existing integration

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