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Industry: Outdoor Gear & Athletic Clothing

Added Value:

  • Optimized product data for Google Shopping.
  • Feeds Creation: Google Analytics data, inventory data and GMC competitive price data.

The Customer

The North Face® fundamental mission remains unchanged since 1966:
Provide the best gear for our athletes and the modern-day explorer, support the preservation of the outdoors, and inspire a global movement of exploration.

About PHD Media

PHD Media has challenged the expectations of what a media agency can deliver since their formation 30 years ago. They were founded as the first planning-led media agency. That means brilliant media thinking is in their DNA.
Their relentless focus on the craft of media planning and a culture of thought-leadership, creativity and innovation have helped them grow from being a punky start-up to become a Top 5 agency in the UK – and be named the UK’s ‘Media Agency of the Year’ EIGHT times this decade.
PHD UK is also part of a growing global network which has more than 6,000 employees in over 100 offices across the world.

The Challenges

Like many media agencies, PHD Media is continually looking to optimize campaigns for their clients to ensure they receive the most positive ROI on their ad spend. They know how well-optimized product and performance data can improve a product listing campaign’s ROI.

Their next challenge was to improve product listing competitiveness even further.

“Because of Highstreet.io’s close working relationship with our agency partners, we were able to work together with PHD Media to pull a new data source within Google Merchant Center called Price Competitiveness Report” says Andrew Griffiths – Senior Search & Social Manager, Digital Solutions – PHD Global Business.

The Solution
Product Feeds Using Competitor Intelligence & Performance Data

Highstreet.io andPHDMedia consulted on:

  • The ROI of using Google Merchant Center’s Price competitiveness Report
  • How to synchronize this additional data set into a single feed
  • What the end result would achieve for The North Face

The Solution was a Google Shopping Feed that combined:

  • Google’s Price Competitiveness Report
  • The North Face’s Best Seller Data from Google Analytics
  • Ecommerce Product Data

The Google Merchant Center’s Price Competitiveness Report offers two ways to segment and view data

  1. When you’re viewing data by category, brand, or product type, you can track how competitive you are in Shopping ads auctions over time.
  2. When you’re viewing data by product, you’ll see information on individual products for which a benchmark metric is available.

This solution combined multiple inputs that allowed the dynamic assignment of values to a subset of The North Face’s products within their Google Shopping feed.

Why does this matter? This subset of products that updated automatically based on price competitiveness and sales data, was a search marketer’s dream. What advertiser wouldn’t want a segmented group of products that had a higher likelihood of converting to sales based on their popularity and competitive price?

“I would recommend working with Highstreet.io for product feed management. They were quick to accurately configure the feeds and they actively participated in discussions on how to construct the feed in a way that would give us the results we were looking for. It felt like a true partnership where our common goal was to provide The North Face the best Google Shopping results.” says Andrew Griffiths.

The Results

After using Highstreet.io’s updated performance feeds that included Price Competitiveness Data,  The North Face’s Google Shopping campaigns saw:

  • 20% higher Average Order Value (AOV)

  • 127% increase in cost with a 163% increase in Revenue

  • 16% Increase in Return on Ad Spend (Year over Year)

“Highstreet.io was quick to reply to feed issues and minimized the disruption when they made updates. It was a refreshingly painless process. I used to be very hands-on when it came to product feed updates but using their managed service. I could rely on their team.” says Andrew Griffiths.


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