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Consumers’ shopping time is evenly split between online and offline.
Connecting them at every touchpoint helps retailers to maximize their potential revenue. Show up when it counts and offer customers relevant search results on Google to turbo-charge both your eCommerce & physical stores growth.

Drive in-store visits

Capture customers’ attention when they’re shopping on mobile devices and increase footfall traffic.

Build customer trust

Promote products based on nearby availability and allow people to shop with confidence to encourage repeat purchases.

Boost sales

Adopt an omnichannel approach that gives customers choice and increases both online and offline revenue.

Enhance Product Visibility

Ensure your presence across Google properties when shoppers are searching for products like yours.


Increase Brand Awareness

Allow more consumers to discover your business and introduce them to your most relevant products.

Improve Customer Experience

Promote only locally available products to let customers know that you have exactly what they want, right when they’re looking to buy them.

What are Local Inventory Ads?

Local Inventory Ads act as digital storefronts by showcasing detailed information about your products & store, allowing you to bring more qualified customers into in-store shopping.

Retailers with local stores can effectively advertise specific products & their inventory to customers searching for a product online, with the option to buy them at a nearby location or pick them up in the nearest store

Google Retargeting Ads
Feature product details, images, prices and other important information to get more customers to your stores and increase sales.

Local inventory ads ensure you respond with products that are in-stock and within proximity to the users’ location as they search for products nearby.

Local Inventory Ad Requirements

In order to use Google Local Inventory Ads, your listings must meet certain requirements and specific criteria provided by Google.
Google Retargeting Ads
  1. Physical Store Presence: Advertisers must have a physical store or multiple store locations that customers can visit.
  2. Google Merchant Center Account: Advertisers need to have an active Google Merchant Center account, which serves as the platform for managing and submitting product data.
  3. Google My Business Account: Advertisers should have a verified Google My Business (GMB) account for each physical store location. GMB allows businesses to manage their online presence, including business information, store hours, and customer reviews.
  4. Accurate Local Product Data: Advertisers must provide accurate and up-to-date local product data, including inventory availability, pricing, and store-specific information for each physical store location.
  5. Reliable Inventory Updates: Advertisers should have a system in place to regularly update inventory data to reflect real-time product availability at their physical store locations.
  6. Fulfillment Capabilities: Advertisers must have the ability to fulfill orders and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers who visit their physical stores based on the information provided in the ads.

Remember: Requirements may vary depending on the country and region. Refer to Google’s official documentation and guidelines for the most up-to-date and detailed requirements for Local Inventory Ads.

Simplify the customer journey by answering the “near me” question

When customers are on the go, every second counts. That’s why they ask Google to find “[This product] near me” when they search online. Local inventory ads ensure you respond with products that are in stock and within proximity, helping you achieve critical business goals.

Easily promote your store inventory
Let shoppers know you have the items they want, available in your local store

Amplify your customer’s reach
Help local customers find you by boosting your highly detailed listings across Google.

Capture your total addressable market
Extend your visibility among customers that might otherwise get missed by targeting highly interested audiences at a local level.

Capture your total addressable market
Balance supply and demand

Balance supply and demand
Adopt a more profitable approach to inventory management by identifying what customers want, and where.

Improve campaign performance and measurement
Effectively monitor and track online to offline shopping habits to help you determine the true offline impact of your LIAs.

Improve campaign performance
Enhance the customer experience

Enhance the customer experience
With options like on display to order, BOPIS and click & collect, customers can enjoy their preferred ways to shop

Why Highstreet.io

Dedicated feed production matching product catalogs and store stock

Real-time synchronization of product stock data with your ecommerce

Customized landing pages with product and store data, updated in real-time

MHLS (basic) MHLS (full)

  • An efficient way to leverage high-quality data of all your products for better listings
  • Ensure your products show up only when and if available with frequent, accurate, real-time updates to inventory and catalog data
  • Easily tag location-specific keywords into product titles and descriptions that align with common search queries
  • Simplify managing your inventory, products, and store info, all in one place
Improve campaign performance

Local Inventory Ads Listing with Highstreet.io

As a longtime Google partner, Highstreet.io has the expertise and proven track record to help you maximize the growth opportunities LIAs represent.
Local Inventory Ads Listing

Connect LIAs with Google Shopping Ads for greater ROI.


Leverage strategies to promote the broadest possible range of products within a target radius for each customer.


Set up and manage a Local Storefront or work with a Google-hosted landing page.


Adopt a more dynamic approach to marketing based on frequent, accurate, real-time updates to inventory and catalog data.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Highstreet.io has helped us in the activation of Local Inventory Ads services for products on our flyers by merging data from flyers with online product details and prices promoted in every single store, and then generating, optimizing, and delivering data feeds to GMC LIA folders. The Highstreet.io platform has been particularly flexible in adapting to the needs of specific Carrefour data configurations and has proactively supported us to enable LIA campaigns on Google.”

— Maria Agata Anastasi
Digital Media Planner - CARREFOUR

Embrace Local Inventory Ads With Ease

Showcase the right products where it counts by supercharging your local inventory ads.

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