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Easily synch your order data and integrate the products from your eCommerce platform to marketplaces around the globe
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Get the technical expertise & order management platform you need to integrate with large and niche marketplaces.

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Sell your products in Marketplaces & Shopping Channels with a single backend integration.

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Instead of paying a % of your sales, pay a monthly fee that doesn’t change over time.

Integrate your eCommerce products and order data with both large & niche marketplaces like:

What does eCommerce Marketplace Integration mean?

Marketplace integration for eCommerce products can cover items like product listing, managing orders, dropshipping and invoice management. Connecting product data and inventory to marketplaces in real-time is essential for seamless customer experiences with your products, wherever they are. There’s nothing worse than going to buy a product in a marketplace that is out-of-stock.

Highstreet.io’s expert data consultants take care of the details for listing your products in multiple marketplaces. Our platform connects your product data and inventory in real-time to both large and niche marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Zalando, Cdiscount, Miinto, Lamoda and Spartoo.

How it Works

Why do you need a Marketplace Integration partner?

A reputable marketplace integration partner will know all of the requirements for each online marketplace and offer solutions to ensure your product data is structured and optimized properly.


Optimized Product Data: We ensure the right products are in the right categories with titles, descriptions and other attributes that maximize conversions.


Processing & Invoicing Success: A poorly integrated marketplace can cause issues with your accounting and invoicing. An experienced partner will handle these details before they become problems so you can focus less on marketplace integration logistics and more on marketing and selling your products.


Only Sell In-Stock Items: Focus on selling what’s in-stock by automatically synchronizing your online store inventory as you receive orders.


What’s Included in our Marketplace Integration Solution?

Sync your order data and integrate your products from your online store platform to many different marketplaces.

Integration solutions include:

  • Management of your product data generation for all formats
  • Product Listing Upload & Synchronization
  • Integration of Sales, Tax & Shipping Data
  • Stock System Integration
  • Order Management
  • Invoice Uploading
  • Amazon FBA Support

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Excellent service and technical/digital expertise. Thanks to Highstreet.io we executed a real Omnichannel strategy. They were able to optimize our shopping feed for Google and Bing and help us implement Google LIAs. We’re in the process of updating GMB and Facebook locations automatically with the help of Highstreet.io.”

— Anna Gnali
Digital Marketing Manager - TIMBERLAND EMEA

Our goal was to increase our omnichannel footprint by embracing new digital sales channels such as marketplaces and we needed an experienced partner to help us with marketplace integration. Highstreet.io listened attentively and worked hard to meet our business requirements. A proactive chemistry developed between our respective technical teams which led to results we are very happy with. I would definitely recommend Highstreet.io to anyone facing similar challenges.

— Flavio Fiorio
Executive VP IT & Web - THE VITEC GROUP

We are now able to relate products to out of stock results, customize search results depending on what customer was searching for, change the sort order and access quality analytics to understand what people were looking for on their website. The decision to integrate Algolia with Magento, using Highstreet.io, was an easy one.

— Jay Chinthrajah
V.P. of Engineering - M.M. LAFLEUR

“When we source these types of services, we look for providers that can fill the role of partner. Together with the obvious capabilities of the platform, Highstreet.io also offered a high level of data consultancy that is definitely an added value.”

— Enzo Panetta
Head of Digital Marketing and Innovation, UNIEURO

“Our main concern was with finding a reliable solution and, together with accuracy of delivery, that’s exactly what Highstreet.io provided. I would consider Highstreet.io an excellent feed management solution for online retailers short on time or technical competence.”

— Stefano Susi
Head of Business Intelligence - DIFFUSIONE TESSILE

“We were facing two main challenges. The first was to reduce the resources we needed to devote to feed management in order to ramp up our digital marketing activities and the second was to improve the quality of our feeds to increase campaign performance. By leveraging Highstreet.io’s feed management expertise we were able to achieve both.”

— Nicola Antonelli
Web Project Manager, LUISAVIAROMA

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