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Reach out to a wider range of online shoppers

by leveraging Marketplace Audience

Expand your product’s reach

by integrating your eCommerce with online marketplaces

Boost overseas sales

by partnering with stores across multiple markets, countries and in multiple languages

Increase Brand & Products visibility

by bringing them in front of more qualified buyers

Increase your product's exposure

by leveraging marketplace digital storefronts

Streamline your technology stack

by using a unified API model for all marketplaces

Integrate with 20+ Marketplaces

What is Marketplace Integration?

Marketplace integration allows sellers to connect their eCommerce products with large and small marketplaces around the world. A marketplace integration service covers items like product listing, property mappings, full order management including dropshipping, invoice collections and delivery. Connecting product data and inventory to marketplaces in real-time is essential for a seamless shopping experience with your products, wherever your customers are.

Ecommerce Marketplace Management


Why Use Highstreet.io’s Marketplace Integrator?

A centralized marketplace integration software and platform to manage everything in one place. Streamline the whole process by automating your entire workflow.



Speed up connections from your store with multiple marketplaces to promote your products simultaneously through an automated product listings process.



Easily synchronize your order data and integrate products with marketplaces from your eCommerce platform, ensuring all details are up-to-date in real-time, to avoid overselling & underselling.



Keep an accurate count of current sales to facilitate your inventory management and your finances through detailed stock and sales data.



Simplify Order Fulfillment Management and retain full operational control of your orders and sales by unifying the whole process.
Gain better insights and keep track of products & campaigns performance so you never miss a single order.



Easily manage multiple seller accounts on multiple marketplaces with a dedicated seller account expert that helps keep everything under control.

How eCommerce Marketplace Integration Works

We connect your product data and inventory to both large and niche marketplaces, in real-time, by taking care of all the details to better list your products.

Enhanced Data Feed Configuration, Optimization & Customization

Always ensure your products are properly structured & optimized to best match marketplace requirements for maximized conversions.

Integrate Marketplaces Fast and Seamlessly

Instantly connect to your preferred Marketplace by partnering with Marketplace Technology Platforms

  • Mirakl
  • Dsco
  • CommerceHub

Highstreet.io can quickly add new marketplace connectors so you can easily sell your products on your desired marketplaces.

Automatic Product Listing Upload & Synchronization

Sell only what’s in-stock by automatically synchronizing online store inventory as you receive orders with a marketplace integration tool.

Processing & Invoicing Success

Worry-free accounting and invoicing processing.
Troubleshoot issues to focus on effectively selling your products.

What’s Included in a Marketplace Integration Service?

  • Management of your product data generation for all formats
  • Native APIs & feeds data optimization integration techniques
  • Integration of Sales, Tax & Shipping Data
  • Stock System Integration
  • Order Management
  • Invoice Uploading
  • Amazon FBA Support
  • Zalando ZFS Support
  • Marketplace Multi-Language & Multi-Country Support
  • Complete Marketplace Onboarding

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We were facing two main challenges. The first was to reduce the resources we needed to devote to feed management in order to ramp up our digital marketing activities and the second was to improve the quality of our feeds to increase campaign performance. By leveraging Highstreet.io’s feed management expertise we were able to achieve both.”

— Nicola Antonelli
Web Project Manager, LUISAVIAROMA

“Our main concern was with finding a reliable solution and, together with accuracy of delivery, that’s exactly what Highstreet.io provided. I would consider Highstreet.io an excellent feed management solution for online retailers short on time or technical competence.”

— Stefano Susi
Head of Business Intelligence- DIFFUSIONE TESSILE

“When we source these types of services, we look for providers that can fill the role of partner. Together with the obvious capabilities of the platform, Highstreet.io also offered a high level of data consultancy that is definitely an added value.”

— Enzo Panetta
Head of Digital Marketing and Innovation, UNIEURO

We are now able to relate products to out of stock results, customize search results depending on what customer was searching for, change the sort order and access quality analytics to understand what people were looking for on their website. The decision to integrate Algolia with Magento, using Highstreet.io, was an easy one.

— Jay Chinthrajah
V.P. of Engineering - M.M. LAFLEUR

Get closer to Selling More Products on Marketplaces

Provide a seamless customer experiences with your products with Highstreet.io Marketplace Integration Service.

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