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It’s not just eCommerce brands competing against each other on eBay. Consumers are in a constant process of outbidding each other in order to get the items they covet most. Our eBay integration makes it fast and simple to become part of this highly engaged community of online shoppers and grow your revenue.

What is the eBay marketplace

The eBay marketplace is far more than a place to sell rare coins, comic books and other collectables. Since its 1995 founding in San Jose, California, eBay has evolved from an online auction house to one of the premier online shopping destinations in the world.

This includes more than 18 million sellers and more than 1.7 billion listings.


eBay integration: How it works

Getting your products on the eBay marketplace means not only setting up a seller account but ensuring all your product listings are complete, accurate and reflect the inventory you currently have in stock.

As you add more eBay marketplace listings, you’ll need to keep all your relevant product data up to date, and to ensure you can manage orders as seamlessly as if they were coming to your brand’s own eCommerce store.

Our eBay integration takes the cost and effort out of trying to maintain your presence on the eBay marketplace and comply with all of its requirements.

Why choose Highstreet.io to integrate with eBay marketplace

If eBay integration represents an important step in your business plan, trust a company that has helped other brands manage the transition with ease. We understand how to work eBay’s APIs and reduce the risk of errors as your listings go live.

Highstreet.io’s eBay integration allows you to:

  • Synchronize product details between your product catalog and your eBay listings in real time.
  • Develop multiple eBay listings simultaneously and customize them as needed
  • Automate the process of managing eBay marketplace orders, shipping details and product returns
  • Optimize eBay marketplace listings as you make changes to pricing, titles and other details

Using Highstreet.io’s eBay integration will help you drive more sales with customers you might not acquire anywhere else. We understand how to add eBay listings for online shoppers in North America, Italy and many other regions. And our expert team is ready to address any of your questions and concerns along the way.


eBay is just one example of how Highstreet.io is enabling brands to execute a true omnichannel strategy. Talk to us to hear how we offer similar capabilities to more than 50 other online marketplaces, including those serving mass audiences and focused on niche categories.

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