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Building a relationship with fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts starts with recognizing how central Zalando has become to Europe’s online shopping ecosystem. With our Zalando integration, you can accelerate and simplify the process of connecting your product data to  Zalando marketplace in order to boost revenues.

What is the Zalando marketplace?

It may have started with a focus on footwear, but the Zalando marketplace now offers almost any clothing and accessories brand a stepping stone to greater online sales. Here’s why you should make selling on Zalando a priority:


  • Have your products featured on a site that is attracting an ever-growing audience: An estimated 51 million shoppers make purchases on the Zalando marketplace.
  • Stand out by offering niche or diverse items: the Zalando marketplace includes 900,000 categories, almost three times as many as it offered just a few years ago.
  • Take a bigger slice of the European pie: Although it may eventually expand into the U.S., the Zalando marketplace even beats Amazon in cross-border sales.

Zalando integration: How it works

Selling on Zalando starts with applying for its Partner Program. Once you’re accepted, you’ll need a quick and easy way to upload all the relevant product data from your catalog in order to set up a Zalando product feed and have them appear on the Zalando marketplace.

While the company’s ZDirect User Interface was designed for this process, it’s limited to brands that agree to use Zalando Fulfillment Services. It’s also not a fully automated solution, which means you and your team will be handling some inventory and uploading steps manually.

A true Zalando integration removes this kind of low-level work in order to boost productivity and get you selling on Zalando faster.

Why choose Highstreet.io to integrate with Zalando marketplace

  • Take the pain out of searching for the right European Article Number (EAN) codes to match with each of your products. Our platform allows you to create EAN codes with ease. 

  • Gain maximum exposure on the Zalando marketplace by using our mapping tools and look-up tables to structure your product data.

  • Develop your own master Zalando product feed with APIs that can connect directly from your catalog to the Zalando marketplace. This will synchronize key attributes including current stock, pricing and more.

  • Manage the orders, inventory, promotions, and prices effectively with an easy to use platform

Highstreet.io’s Zalando integration is coupled with our knowledgeable team’s attention to detail and high quality service, which is trusted by leading fashion and luxury brands. 


Selling on Zalando might just be one of many potential marketplaces where your brand needs to be. Explore Highstreet.io’s capabilities to offer similar marketplace integration services across more than 50 other high-profile online shopping destinations.

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