Triboo is working with Highstreet.io, a product feed management platform, used by top global brands and retailers to get their products found online and in-store on channels such as Google Bing, Instagram, and Facebook.

Triboo offers its customers a “one-stop solution” using a platform tailored to each one of them The purpose of this partnership is to allow brands and retailers to expand their omnichannel sales. With the support of Highstreet.io, Triboo transforms and optimizes product data in a way that attracts the right audience during their path to purchase.

Brands and retailers selling in foreign markets can benefit from using Highstreet.io’s multimarket product data transformation services.
“It’s important that both brands and retailers offer accurate pricing and inventory when selling in these markets so customers get a positive experience from the time they first see the product online to their checkout experience,” says Giovanni Guardalbene, CEO of Kipcast.


“The partnership made it possible to optimize operational management, minimizing maintenance activities and allowing us to concentrate more on the quality of the data, that are necessary to offer our customers a competitive media strategy” – said Marco Da Vinci and Stefano Mannino, Program Manager and Head of Process Quality & Technology of Triboo.


“We have a great partnership where we work as an extension of Triboo to provide their end customer with an exceptional experience to market their products. Highstreet.io aims to help brands and retailers maximize product visibility and expand their reach in the E-Commerce landscape” – said Giovanni Guardalben, Founder of the data feed management platform ​​Highstreet.io.

Highstreet.io is a full-service product feed management and marketplace synchronization platform developed by Kipcast srl.
We help agencies maximize product visibility for their eCommerce clients by streamlining the syndication of product data to digital marketing channels and online marketplaces.  Reach out to our team and get more details on how we can help you expand to new channels and increase sales for your omnichannel strategy success.