2020 caused a huge shift for retail brands, especially fashion. This disruption left many sellers feeling overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right marketplace to sell their products.

Online marketplaces are important for an eCommerce brand, and picking the right ones to sell on is key. Then why limit yourself in leveraging multiple marketplaces to grow your business?

For a successful omnichannel approach, many sellers rely on online marketplace integrations to increase product visibility across all marketplaces they sell-through.

What Should You Know About Online Marketplaces in 2021

Between remote working and lockdowns, the whole shopping experience has changed. Here are some of the biggest trends that will dominate online fashion marketplaces in 2021:

● Niche marketplaces

Niche marketplaces help to provide smaller eCommerce sellers with a competitive advantage.

● Online marketplace ads

Advertising your products on marketplaces needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy to get your products in front of the right people at the right time.

● Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Natural Processing Language (NLP) for translation on marketplaces

The use of these technologies in your product listings can improve listing visibility & performance from buyers around the globe.

What Are the Top 5 Online Marketplace Sites for Fashion Brands Selling Globally?

If you’re a fashion brand looking to sell globally, here are a list of some of the top online marketplaces with considering today:



Largest fashion marketplace in Europe

  • 380 million views per month
  • The average median price of $48


  • Carries over 2,070 brands
  • Men only account for 31% of the audience



  • Connect with customers across North America
  • Simple shipping process
  • No listing fees


  • 20% fee will eat into your profits
  • High shipping fees for buyers



  • Tap into a huge existing customer base
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • A popular option for North American & European brands


  • Very competitive and saturated
  • Need to decide between FBM & FBA
  • Large number of white label and knockoff brands



  • Distributed in over 235 countries
  • One of the biggest fashion marketplaces in the world


  • Primarily focused on women’s fashion
  • The average cost of clothing is $26, meaning luxury may not fit there



  • Offers a good gender mix for fashion
  • Its smaller size makes it easier to stand out against competitors


  • Sells mostly luxury, so it’s for a specific niche

The Takeaway: Sell Everywhere With Integration

You now know what trends to look forward to in 2021, as well as what online marketplaces are best for fashion. If you’re looking to expand to a new marketplace, why limit yourself to only one when you can integrate your products with the most popular marketplaces in the world?

Top eCommerce brands trust Highstreet.io marketplace integration service as it helps them:

  • Avoid processing and invoicing issues before they become problems with our experts in marketplace integration logistics
  • Focus on selling what’s in-stock by automatically synchronizing your online store inventory as you receive orders with our platform
  • Ensure the right products are in the right categories with titles, descriptions and other attributes using our product data optimization tools

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