The adoption of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) has exploded for big retailers around the world. We’ve seen this trend with our clients firsthand over the last year. That’s why we developed a Salesforce marketplace cartridge that synchronizes product data from SFCC directly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) shopping channels.

Our platform allows retailers, brands, and agencies to update, optimize and connect product data from Salesforce to popular platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Ads, Instagram Shoppable Posts, Affiliate Marketing Channels, Retargeting Services, and Comparison Shopping Feeds with HIghstreet.io.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration and how Highstreet.io can help you skyrocket sales by bringing your product’s information to the next level.

Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration for Product Advertising

Retailers using Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) benefit from Highstreet.io’s ability to pull the most accurate product data from the platform and synchronize it quickly and effectively to use in online product marketing campaigns.

SFCC processing power is not affected

There are many ways to extract product data from SFCC to use for product advertising. Some integration partners use CPU-intensive processes that require massive calls to Salesforce internal APIs. Highstreet.io’s unique integration approach will not affect your processing power. All complex processing and data manipulations occur within the Highstreet.io platform.

Keep your campaign product inventory and pricing synchronized frequently

Our integration supports the delivery of product properties that change constantly such as inventory and prices. Our continual product synchronization with SFCC is an effective solution for retailers with highly volatile inventory or ongoing price change requirements (Black Friday or frequent sales).

Easily expand your shopping channels and markets globally

Rely on Highstreet.io’s integration approach that supports multi-market product feeds for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Predictive Marketing. Leverage our platform’s pre-packaged configurations that connect directly to the product data for each of your markets.

What can a well-configured Salesforce integration do for retailers?

With Highstreet.io‘s Salesforce cartridge, retailers can seamlessly connect product feeds from their eCommerce platform to their Salesforce marketing automation solution and marketing channels. Highstreet.io’s full-service product feed management and marketplace synchronization platform help clients maximize product visibility by streamlining the syndication of product data to digital marketing channels and online marketplaces. Find out more about how we can help integrate your Salesforce Commerce Cloud with effective shopping channels:

Reach out to our feed management and marketplace integration experts at info@highstreet.io.