So you’ve invested in a great e-commerce site but are having a hard time attracting customers to increase traffic to your eCommerce website and boost sales?  Discover 5 ways you can use product feeds to reach your goals. The following solutions are pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-mille (PPM) so you must have top-quality product feeds, with accurate and up-to-date product information to get a high return on investment (ROI).

Google Product Listing Ads (PLA)

In the U.S., Google Shopping moved to a paid model at the end of 2012,  which was followed by the European rollout in early 2013.  Advertisers enthusiastically adopted the service with both branded and overall results on the rise. Google PLAs allow you to promote your products with Google Shopping   Sharing your product data in the correct format through optimized product data feeds is essential for creating successful ads. Google uses product feeds to showcase your listing so that customers can immediately find your products as they search across Google properties.


Have you ever checked out a product on an e-commerce site only to have that product follow you around wherever you browse for the next three weeks? That’s an example of dynamic remarketing and it allows retailers to keep displaying products in front of customers that have shown interest in them.   These services even make it possible to insert product ads directly into customers’ Facebook feeds.  Check out Neil Patel’s post on comparing some popular remarketing services and the benefits of remarketing campaigns. 

In this case,  you can create your remarketing product data feeds to help Google Ads use your product information to show customers personalized ads, after they’ve visited your website.


Marketplaces are gaining in popularity with retailers who seek to increase sales volumes by taking advantage of the traffic that marketplaces generate.  Even newspapers and magazine publishers are opening online marketplaces. Advertisers can benefit from promoting products on multiple marketplaces as they provide them with brands and product exposure, plus increased reach as marketplaces have a wider audience. Marketplace Integration Services can help you seamlessly integrate your products into your marketplace of choice, taking care of product data feed optimization, compliances, and requirements.

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs)

CSEs are a popular choice with shoppers and remain an important source of traffic for retailers.  Although facing challenges from the introduction of Google PLA’s, Comparison Shopping Engines are evolving to mitigate the threat, providing highly-quality traffic to advertisers around the world.  CSEs are an excellent way for brands to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers and boost sales. You simply need to submit your listings to all the major comparison shopping engines through well-optimized product data feeds.

Affiliate networks

Although not strictly a requirement to begin an affiliate campaign, product data feeds sure help.  With most big and small online retailers using affiliate programs to drive sales, competition for good-quality affiliates is tough.  One of the best ways to ensure you get the top affiliates is by making it easy for them to promote individual products.  Product feeds allow affiliates to promote individual products in the context of their content, increasing click-throughs and conversions. n.  Your affiliates are happy with better conversions, you are happy with more sales, and a better chance of attracting better affiliates.  Who doesn’t love a virtuous cycle?

How Product Feed Management Platforms can help

The above online marketing channels are a few examples of how retailers can use top-quality product feeds to drive customer acquisition and sales through product feed marketing. Highstreet.io platform automates product feed management, ensuring high-quality and up-to-date product information is delivered on time to your digital marketing partners. Interested in learning more about our solution? Get in touch with us and discover how you can optimize the ROI on your product listing campaigns while monitoring your performance through Product Feed Optimization.