When it comes to global marketplaces, it is clear that the post-pandemic era has unleashed a market already consolidated but that had not yet expressed all its potential. Brands of all types and sectors have begun to decline their online catalogs, not infrequently without the necessary skills in terms of mass management that catapulted on the web to buy, thus thinning too many ambitions and a few tools.

As one of the companies of Impresoft, Kipcast has assumed in such a scenario, a fundamental role of “accompanying” company-customer towards the right plan of digital sales presence.

Impresoft, today a true reservoir of innovation, was born in 2018 and immediately set an important objective: to become the largest IT player on the market. This is a goal to be achieved also through acquisitions and integrations with other organizations, as happened with Kipcast. As a result, Impresoft has set up four competence centers to cover the various needs of customers: Business Solutions, Industry Solutions, Customer Engagement, and Corporate Resilience.

It is a change of pace in some ways majestic, which will also require a restyling of the whole brand, so that you can tell, almost holistically, what the individual legal entities do.

Kipcast Role

As anticipated, Kipcast deals with a very dynamic industry, ranging from marketing to the online presence of brands in third-party stores. The company launched the Highstreet.io platform on the market in 2015, to allow the simplification and optimization of product data distribution to all corporate third-party channels: marketing, store promotions, marketplace sales

The solution, in SaaS mode and hosted on the cloud, is already adopted by over 250 brands in the fashion industry, but also targets brands from other industries.

Federico Vittadello

As Federico Vittadello, VP of Business Development at Kipcast explains: «Our target audience is, in large part, that of large companies, which need to manage and distribute a wide range of data, but also to enjoy a platform that is as flexible as possible. The value which we bring to the world of customer engagement lies in the opportunity to work on software that promises a speed of execution and, as we will see, also quality». The first point deals with a non-trivial problem when the context requires quick and informed decision-making.

The market is changing

As the market is changing, it then becomes necessary to better control sales channels, also the ones different from their own, to know the competition and where the consumer aims. Highstreet.io works just like that while simplifying the various steps that companies need to take to launch on the global marketplace.

The primary directives to which Kipcast points are: first of all the automation of the presence of the brand on the marketplace thereby freeing its customer from an often burdensome task both in terms of time and money. «Moreover, as subjects operating for years in the world of online commerce, we can specifically advise brands, also suggesting which architectures to choose, thus laying a solid foundation for the project. Finally, being already integrated with marketplace platforms, once the negotiation process is over, at the technological level we speed up the launch of online products, from their loading to payment, return, and refund management, including special cases».

A key advantage of Kipcast is the consulting aspect that is offered from the start of each onboarding: «Knowing downstream the needs of the marketplace, as experts in the field, we can advise what is best for each customer» the manager concludes. So fluidity but also adaptability and customization of the platform, with vertical know-how that allows a brand to approach a market that presents new everyday challenges, in a much more serene way.

What’s in the future of global marketplaces?

Kipcast sees a trend that could soon take root: the approach, at least in terms of promotion and presentation, of B2B sales channels compared to traditional B2C ones.

«The dynamics seem to replicate, with obvious differences in the quantity of the products to buy and prices, but we see a kind of alignment of the logic underlying the flow of promotions. In such a scenario, the competence of Kipcast in connecting the world of product offering with those who convey them to end customers becomes fundamental for companies which want to extend their aims beyond the traditional horizons».

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The following post has been translated from a previous article located at DataManagerOnline