Enhanced cooperation to provide eCommerce & retail customers with increasingly innovative technology services.

We are incredibly pleased to announce that GN Techonomy and Kipcast have joined forces to become a new key player in the eCommerce integration business both from the product/service perspective and the more traditional bespoke integration approach. By providing joint customers with the ability to leverage pre-existing integration components and/or to rely on skilled developers for ad-hoc projects, the combined team of GN Techonomy and Kipcast will always be the most economical, less risky, and customer-tailored solution for their customers.

Becoming a key player in the eCommerce integration space has always been the ultimate goal for Kipcast. Initially, that meant providing feed management services for online digital marketing (Highstreet.io). Subsequently, we expanded by connecting local marketing services with store inventory to drive more customers to stores (Clicktobrick.io for local text searches). At last, marketplace integration and PIM/OMS integration have become the natural evolution of the Highstreet.io solution. Together with GN Techonomy, the aim is to provide one-stop-shop services for our customers.” – Giovanni Guardalben, CEO of Kipcast.

GN Techonomy offers a suite of technological & innovative enterprise solutions that varies from software configuration to customized consulting services, to help companies succeed in their digital transformation process. GN Techonomy 25 years of experience in the field of technology consultancy and integration, led to the creation of complete eCommerce & omnichannel solutions which simplify all processes related to online shopping, improve marketing and communication strategies, and refine workflows through data automation and process optimization.

Creating an Italian technological hub that offers a complete suite of omnichannel solutions to ensure the growth of the online business is our key objective for the future. By seeking this purpose, we are pleased, as GN Techonomy, to partner with Kipcast: the aim is to together respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers through the continuous improvement of innovative products in data integration and feed management. Combining the skills and experience of both companies, we intend to offer a complete set of eCommerce and omnichannel technologies which allow retailers to communicate product information and update sales data across multiple channels and online shopping networks: i.e., marketplace, price comparison engines, advertising platforms, and social media. We strongly believe that Highstreet.io and Clicktobrick.io provide retail with real value improving marketing campaign optimization as well as sales performance.” – Gualtiero Biella, Managing Director GN Techonomy.