In the highly competitive market of social commerce, defining your product catalogs with vague, scarce or inaccurate product information could be the reason your products are getting buried or lost, bringing your overall sales down with them.

New, emerging solutions, like Facebook Shops, now have enhanced catalog criteria that you’ll need to adhere to if you want to stay ahead and significantly expand your reach across multiple Facebook commerce solutions.

Currently, the data that is available to you in your eCommerce platform is not substantial enough to truly differentiate your products, and with insufficient product information, the whole process of creating product catalogs for marketplaces, like Facebook Shops, can be quite challenging and time-consuming.

But there’s a solution.

First, let’s look at how Facebook Shops has updated its catalog criteria and what that means for your business.

How to work with the Facebook Shops Enhanced Catalog

Facebook Shops enhanced catalogs enable you to place your products at the forefront of your audience’s social feeds with a far more personalized user experience. Now, Facebook Shops can effectively reach your target groups through your preferred social channels by strategically placing highly relevant products for the end-user based on more detailed criteria.

The importance of rich data and how it improves shopping experiences on Facebook Shops

The more detailed information included in the Facebook Shops enhanced catalog, the better chance of your products being discovered. With the new enhanced catalog, you can expand your criteria from core basics to specifics.

Generic Product Catalog:

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Product images
  • Product status
  • Specific product brand

Facebook Shops Enhanced Catalog:

With the new criteria, Facebook Shops expands on the generic catalog criteria by adding:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Availability
  • Gender
  • Color
  • Intended audience for product usage
  • Material(s) used
  • Product size
  • Other physical attributes such as product pattern
  • Link
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Sale price
  • Sale price effective date
  • Size
  • Custom Label
  • Short Description
  • Additional variant attribute

Facebook Shop’s Full List of Enhanced Criteria

Facebook Shop’s Apparel Specific Criteria

The problem for eCommerce retailers is that accessing additional product data can be quite difficult, especially when it is spread out across various data sources. In some cases, you may have to undergo a manual process of retrieving and consolidating the additional product data to create your Facebook Shop catalog.

Of course, being able to automate the entire process of merging different data from multiple sources would ultimately mean quicker and more accurate product catalogs that are compatible with the new Facebook Shops criteria, which can then easily be submitted through the built-in catalog manager.

Improving discoverability on Facebook Shops with a leading technical partner

To lead in social commerce means to adopt and master new emerging platforms, as well as stay on top of innovations like the enhanced catalogs from Facebook Shops. Currently, it is in your best interest to always know where your data is stored, be it in your existing eCommerce solution, your Product Information Management System (PIM), or through the process of Master Data Management (MDM). However, working with a knowledgeable technical partner on bringing these sources together and effectively merging them into a compatible and compliant feed for Facebook Shops is key for increasing your product visibility across marketplaces.

That’s where we come in. The Highstreet.io platform helps pull information from multiple data sources and optimizes them into a consolidated feed that works for Facebook Shops, removing the hassle for manual optimization and saving you time.

As Facebook Shops continues to roll out, using the Highstreet.io platform will give merchants, like you, a leg up by being the first to create sophisticated, detailed product feeds for your digital storefronts across all Facebook commerce options.

Increase your product discoverability and improve conversion rates through Product Feed Optimization with Highstreet.io

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