Like many brands and their agency partners, The North Face and PHD Media, continually strive to get a better ROI from their product listing campaigns. This goal may seem obvious but when it comes to adopting new approaches to optimizing performance, the truth is it’s not easy.

Google Shopping is constantly updating its platform and new data sources to boost campaign performance become available over time.

Working Together to Achieve Better Product Listing Results

The first step towards developing specialized feeds that improve our customer’s campaigns is to develop a close working relationship with both our brand and agency partners.

Highstreet.io has been working with The North Face as their Product Feed Management Solution for quite some time. Part of this solution involves creating a Performance Feed that collects The North Face’s sales data from their Google Analytics to automatically create and update a list of best-selling products, and assign a bestseller custom label in their Google Shopping Feed.

Because of our close working relationship with The North Face and their agency, PHD Media, we were able to collaborate on the details of adding a new data source within Google Merchant Center called the price competitiveness report.

What is Google Merchant Center’s Price Competitiveness Report?

This report offers two ways to segment and view data:

  1. When you’re viewing data by category, brand, or product type, you can track how competitive you are in Shopping ads auctions over time.
  2. When you’re viewing data by-product, you’ll see information on individual products for which a benchmark metric is available.

Performance Feed + Google Merchant Price Competitiveness Report

By adding the data from Google’s price competitive report, we were able to identify and mark the best-selling products that were also priced competitively.

Why does it matter? The result gave PHD Media the ability to create targeted campaigns on a subset of high-converting products that are updated automatically based on price competitiveness and sales data – a search marketer’s dream.

What advertiser wouldn’t want a segmented group of products that had a higher likelihood of converting to sales based on their popularity and competitive price?

“I would recommend working with Highstreet.io for product feed management. They were quick to accurately configure the feeds and they actively participated in discussions on how to construct the feed in a way that would give us the results we were looking for. It felt like a true partnership where our common goal was to provide The North Face the best Google Shopping results.” Andrew Griffiths – Senior Search & Social Manager, Digital Solutions – PHD Global Business

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