How important is structured data when it comes to your Rakuten Linkshare product feed? As it turns out, it can significantly impact your sales.

Ecommerce product data feeds are a form of marketing automation that affiliate marketing channels use to categorize and implement your products and offers.

Keep reading to find out the importance of optimized Rakuten Linkshare product feeds and how well-structured product feed data can help you increase sales.

How Rakuten Linkshare Works

How to create a proper Linkshare Rakuten product feed and why it’s essential for better market your products

Every product you offer is categorized using a Comma Separated (.csv) or Tab Delimited (.tsv or .txt) file. They also support Zip (.zip) and Extensive Markup Language (.xml).

Structured data tells platforms like Rakuten everything about your product, its attributes, identifiers like SKUs or UPCs, promotional coupons, and other essential information.

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Simple, right? The data you provide ensures your Rakuten marketing efforts are targeted and likely to convert.

So, what attributes does an optimized product feed contain? Let’s find out.

Linkshare Rakuten Product Feed attributes

So, you’re looking to boost conversions and sales from affiliate marketing channels? You’re not alone.

Optimized marketing automation is the easiest way to improve product visibility and accessibility.

Feeds are split up into categories using Required Affiliate (RA), Required Display (RD), Optional Display (OD), Required Social (RS), and Required Search (RSEM).

Rakuten closely mirrors Google’s product feed specifications. But why leave anything to chance?

Here’s a list of the most important attributes when it comes to your product feeds on Rakuten:


RD, RS, RS, RSEM (Required)

A product’s unique identifier. It cannot change after product creation and must relate to the ID used for tagging.


RD, RS, RA, RSEM (Required)

The product’s name. It cannot exceed 70 characters.


RD, RS, RA, RSEM (Required)

The product’s brand name. This is required for branded products.


RD, RS, RA, RSEM, OD (Required, Strongly Recommended for OD)

Additional info about a product.


RD, RS, RA, RSEM (Required)

Highlights a product’s category according to Google’s product feed specifications.


RD, RS, RA (Required)

A shared identifier covering all variants for a specific product. This attribute will share common values with other variants, but must contain a unique id.


RD, RS, RA, RSEM (Required)

The product’s URL.


RD, RS, RA, RSEM (Required)

The product’s image URL. Minimum 600x600pm. Rakuten supports multiple image links using image_link_x for each one.


RD, RS, RA, RSEM (Required)

The product’s price and currency.


RD, RS, RA, RSEM, OD (Required, Strongly Recommended for OD)

The products sale price and currency.


RD, RS, RA, RSEM (Required)

Availability determines whether the product is available. Accepted values include in stock, out of stock, and preorder.


RSEM, RS (Required)

The product’s Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). Rakuten accepts UPC (North America), EAN (Europe), and JAN (Japan).


RSEM (Required)

The product’s Manufacturer Part Number. This identifies a specific product from the same manufacturer.


RA (Required for Affiliate)

The product’s SKU number (same as ID).

additional image link

RSEM, RS (Recommended for Search, Required for Social/Publisher Feeds)

Include all additional product image links here (up to 10) as multiple lines.


RSEM, RS (Required)

The product’s condition. Accepted values include new, refurbished, and used.


RSEM (Required)

The product’s intended gender. Accepted values include male, female, and unisex.

age group

RSEM (Required)

The product’s intended demographic. Accepted values include adult and kids.

sale price effective date

RSEM (Recommended for Products Using “Sale Price”)

The product’s official sale date range.

product type

RSEM (Strongly Recommended)

The product’s category type. You can define these categories yourself.


RSEM (Required for Apparel, Recommended for Non-Apparel)

The product’s colors. For accent colors, separate them with a “/.” For example, “Blue/White.” You may only list three color values.


RSEM (Required for Apparel, Recommended for Non-Apparel)

The product’s size. This attribute is mandatory for apparel.


RSEM (Recommended for Variant Apparel Products Using Different Materials)

The material a product uses. Users will see these values. Products with multiple materials require an individual submission for each.


RSEM (Recommended for Variant Apparel Products Using Different Patterns)

The product’s pattern. For similar variants, group them together. For unrelated variants, use separate product groups.


RSEM (Required)

The product’s tax. This is set up using Google Merchant Center.


RSEM (Required)

The product’s shipping cost. This is set up using Google Merchant Center.

shipping weight

RSEM (Required, Configured Via Merchant Center)

The product’s shipping weight. This is used to calculate shipping costs.


RSEM (Required if Applicable)

This determines if a product is part of a multipack. Each individual product and the total number of products in the multipack must be identified.


RSEM (Required if Applicable)

This determines whether a product is for adults only.

How optimized Linkshare Rakuten product feed leads to more sales?

Successful eCommerce brands are using a multichannel approach to reach more customers. And well-structured product feeds are what make this possible.

This standardized format makes it easy for multiple networks to showcase your products. With all your product data in one location, large networks can advertise your products to the right audience. That means more visibility, more data, and more potential sales.

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