Over the past decade, European Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE’s) have sprung up everywhere making it easy for shoppers to view a range of products from countless retailers all on one site.  In addition to Google Shopping, E-commerce retailers have noticed that specialized CSE’s can attract many shoppers. The most successful among them know the importance of listing their products to increase their brand’s reach and generate new sources of traffic.

There are some great resources around for merchants evaluating which CSE’s to list on in the US but the CSE scene in Europe is a little more fragmented.

This post lists some of the main players in the European market.  We hope the list is useful for merchants that want to expand their reach in Europe.

Le Guide Group

CPC rate card – Le Guide Group attracts a large amount of traffic across 14 countries in Europe through its vast network of sites that include: Leguide, Ciao, Dooyoo, Pricesavvy, Choozen and Pikengo. One thing that sets Le Guide apart from other CSE’s is their ability to offer a free listing option on some of their sites in addition to the usual CPC or CPA charge for listing on others.


CPC – PriceRunner is the #1 shopping comparison site in the UK, Sweden and Denmark and a leading site in France, Germany and Austria. PriceRunner also provides access to a hand-picked partner network of quality sites that reaches millions of active shoppers across Europe each month. Listings are paid for on a CPC basis, at a fixed rate for some categories like electronics and appliances, and with a bidding model for other categories like toys and clothing. PriceRunner is known for driving high quality traffic that converts well and their account management team works closely with retailers to optimise their activity and drive the best possible ROI.


CPC – From it’s beginnings in Germany, the Shopalike network has spread to cover a large part of continental Europe with sites in the following countries: Germany (LadenZeile.de), Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey (Shoppala.com). Rather than focusing only on price comparison, Shopalike’s goal is to improve customer experience by providing an easy way for it’s users to find what they are looking for through the effective categorization of listed products.


CPC – One of the most frequented comparison shopping sites in Germany, Idealo also has local language websites in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Poland. CPC rates are fixed but can be reduced by including an Idealo badge on your site.


CPC – Kelkoo has a well-established network of sites that span the following European countries: UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Russia. Kelkoo also allows merchants to bid for a CPC higher than the category minimum to improve the visibility of products.


CPC Rate Card (UK) –  Covering 21 European countries as well as the U.S., Brazil, India and Russia (among other non-European countries), Shopmania has one of the largest geographic reaches of any of the shopping comparison networks. Shopmania also allows merchants to bid higher than the minimum category CPC to increase product visibility.


CPC – One of the most popular comparison sites in Italy, Trovaprezzi (loosely translated to “pricefinder”) is part of the Shoppydoo network that includes sites in Spain and Italy (Shoppydoo.it and Shoppydoo.es).


CPC Rate Card (UK) – Twenga is another of Europe’s most visited price comparison sites. Claiming to have the biggest choice of products online, Twenga is present in 15 countries including Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, UK and France. Twenga is one of the few CSE’s that has fixed CPC rates that while varying by category, don’t allow merchants to bid higher.

Let us know your experience with synchronizing your product data with the above European Comparison Shopping Engines in the comments.

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