While the nature of affiliate marketing guarantees a return for the seller, that doesn’t mean that all European affiliate networks are right for your business.

There are specialized networks that only serve Europe and others that are global with local affiliate partners. Depending on your business you’ll need to look at each network to see which one works with your marketing and sales objectives. This post provides a quick explanation of affiliate marketing, a list of affiliate networks operating in Europe, and when you should consider a product feed for affiliate network partners.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves paying a commission to affiliates on sales made to customers that have been directed to your site from the affiliate’s website. Because you only pay when a sale is made, you are guaranteed a return on your investment.

For those of you who are new to affiliate marketing, this video from Neil Patel explains the basics.

How to choose an Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks provide the infrastructure for affiliates (or publishers) to get in contact with advertisers (online merchants). These networks also provide tracking technology that tells advertisers which publishers made the sale so they can be duly rewarded. Many networks even offer services to help advertisers manage their affiliate programs.

Choosing the right network can be a difficult decision. Many factors like which industries they focus on, the affiliates included in their network and who their audiences are, the commission, how and when you get paid as a seller, and how easy it is as an advertiser to promote your products. In many cases, you need to check out reviews, talk to other businesses that have used the affiliate network, or test the network out for yourself.

European Affiliate Networks

Europe is a fragmented market with numerous languages and currencies. Some networks focus on only a few countries whereas others have a broader reach. It’s important to know if the affiliate network you choose has a comprehensive knowledge of the markets you want to target to better attract your ideal customers.

Check out the list below and find the affiliate networks that best suit your business.

Rakuten Advertising

Reach: Europe and around the globe

Enjoy Rakuten’s massive reach of over 150,000 active publishers worldwide, with a dedicated team of network development specialists who actively identify affiliates and partner opportunities across content, influencer, loyalty, and more. Rakuten has high standards for its affiliate partners and this translates into a quality audience for advertisers to attract the right customers. They are constantly monitored to ensure that the network’s rules are being followed and the content created is always good quality.


Reach: Europe & North America

Based on reviews of the network, Daisycon’s customers enjoy service driven-support, fast and easy payment options, and real-time statistics for their campaigns. They are one of the biggest affiliate networks in Europe with a network of more than 30,000 active websites and a vast social and mobile reach. At Daisycon you will find a wide range of campaigns within CPS, CPL, CPA, and CPC.


Reach: Europe & North America

AWIN offer’s customers a good user experience with their easy-to-use affiliate dashboard and if you get stuck, their Wiki is a great resource for finding answers. They have many publishers to choose from and their customer support team is responsive. They primarily focus on Insurance & Finance, Retail/Shopping, Telco & Services, and Travel industries. Advertisers looking to attract customers in these industries can benefit from their expertise in these verticals.


Reach: Europe & North America

Yieldkit offers a range of cutting-edge, API-based solutions to help larger publishers monetize website content and customized solutions for advertisers to increase awareness and sales. Matching occurs through Yieldkit’s machine learning technology. It analyzes publishers’ text-based content and brings together certain terms and keywords approved by the publisher with matching e-commerce offers and services from advertisers. Publishers can additionally monetize their content and advertisers have access to a high-performance in-text advertising format. They have over 5,000 publishers with 72 networks and 50,000 advertisers in more than 160 countries.


Reach: Europe

Tracdelight’s publisher team has a personal line with important influencers as well as the largest magazines. They provide target group-based product recommendations and can plan targeted content campaigns. Tracdelight’s goal is to connect premium online shops & brands with first-class publishers. Their focus is on fashion, beauty, living, food, and sports.


Reach: Western/Eastern Europe & Brazil

Tradedoubler has positive reviews in the areas of customer support, data import/export features, and their analytics platform. It features an industry-leading affiliate marketing network, white-label management solution, Metapic, full-service programmatic solutions, campaign management, reliable tracking and payments, a reward platform, in-house expertise, robust tools, and reporting. As one of the leading affiliate networks in Europe, they serve merchants from a broad range of verticals across the continent. It has recently expanded its operations to include Brazil.


Reach: Europe &, North America

Get up and running quickly with CJ’s Shopify and Magento eCommerce plugins. They are known for their wide variety of integrations that enables tracking of the customer journey from start to finish. Formerly Commission Junction, CJ is a global affiliate network provider with operations on all continents. CJ’s impressive roster of advertisers includes companies from a comprehensive range of industry verticals. They offer a service called “real-time transaction monitoring”. The platform helps publishers and advertisers track their sales instantly and accurately.


Reach: Western Europe & North America

Webgains’ cutting-edge technology helps advertisers at the point of conversion to take action and ensure their target audience gets the product or service into their basket with the knowledge that they made the right decision. With a focus on customer service, Webgains currently caters to clients from a broad range of verticals including fashion, home and garden, travel, online games, sports, and other retail merchants. They have over 20,000 websites as part of their affiliate network with a strong capability in promoting subject matter experts in various industries.


Reach: Europe and around the globe

Partnerizer’s major differentiator is their unrivaled service including the category’s only in-house support program. With Partnerize, you’re in control of the entire partnership marketing lifecycle – all on a single platform. Positioned as a premium affiliate network service provider, the Performance Horizon Group is globally focused offering targeted solutions for enterprise-level brands that sell across international borders. They deliver a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of discovery, recruitment, optimization, payment, brand safety, and fraud prevention capabilities.


Reach: – Western Europe & Brazil

Effiliation defines a personalized strategy for each of its clients according to their objectives, sector of activity, size, etc. A French-based network, they have successfully expanded into the major Western European markets such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the Benelux nations as well as Brazil. Effiliation currently has accounts covering a broad range of verticals.


Reach – Western Europe & Brazil

TimeOne is a French-based network that has successfully expanded into Western Europe and Brazil (and South Africa). Reach your advertising goals by leveraging TimeOne’s 60,000 publishers and work with your dedicated account manager to fine-tune your campaigns. They have experience in the following verticals: Travel/Leisure, Shopping, Banking/Insurance/Finance, Health/Beauty, Dating, Consumer Goods, Cars, Telephony, and Services.


Reach: Europe, US & UK

MoreNiche focuses on a narrow range of verticals with advertisers that are willing to pay high commissions (around 30-50% of the sale value) to their affiliates. Verticals covered include Health, Nutrition, Beauty, and Weight loss. MoreNiche has offices in the UK and US and serves some non-English speaking European countries including Germany, Russia, and France. Review benefits include this affiliate network’s focus on community, their forum, and their customer support.


Reach: Europe & Asia Pacific

Concentrating on its expertise in the Travel, Finance, Utilities, and Telecomms verticals, Optimise provides coverage of Europe as well as the emerging markets of the Asia-Pacific, India, and Brazil. Benefits from their website include things like a user-friendly dashboard to see your sales and commissions in real-time, detailed feedback from analytics experts and some of the most competitive commission rates in the market.


Reach: Eastern Europe and Spain

One of the leading Affiliate Networks in Eastern Europe, working in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Georgia, and other countries. Their main verticals are finance, payday loans, insurance offers, etc. On their website, they highlight their ability to track individual registration of clicks allowing you to analyze the source, IP address, and time of registration to prevent fraud and the ability to track each transaction.

When Do You Need an Affiliate Product Feed?

A successful affiliate marketing program starts with getting the right data to your affiliate partners. Affiliate product feeds allow you to advertise your products on affiliate partner websites in a structured manner that is optimized for the particular network. You need a high-quality and frequently updated product feed to get the right price, inventory, and product information to your affiliate network so that it is approved and meets the affiliate channel requirements.

A Product Feed Management partner can help you by creating, maintaining, and managing the product data feeds of your chosen affiliate networks. Let us help you by optimizing and automating your product data feeds, so you can focus on other important things for your business. Get in touch with Highstreet.io Team for more details.