With all the talk in eCommerce about structured data, why is it so frustrating to find product data feed solutions that connect product information to multiple platforms in an easy way? Why does it have to be so hard?

Product Data Feed Needs

What are the hardest tasks of connecting your product information to multiple platforms? Over the years we have worked with many eCommerce merchants. From our experience most brands and retailers need help with the following:

  • Synchronizing Products to Marketplaces
  • Connecting Products to Online Shopping Channels
  • Integrating Marketplace Orders in Real-Time
  • Synchronizing Content between Brands, Retailers and Content Repositories

It’s not impossible for a brand or retailer to optimize or enhance their data so they can more easily distribute their products. The issue most clients have is the time and expertise it takes to do it accurately and seamlessly. It’s a pain!

Product Data Feed Solutions 

How do we approach these issues? We have analysed where eCommerce businesses need the most help t and carefully created 4 solutions that take the headache out of distributing products online.

Our updated Highstreet.io Connect solutions include:

  • Marketplace Hub
    Synchronize marketplaces with eCommerce or ERP platforms to simplify selling products on marketplaces.  We also maintain a synchronized product and order data to improve the efficiency of eCommerce product handling and logistics.
  • Marketing Hub
    Achieve high-performance marketing campaigns. Distribute complete and accurate product data from e-Commerce sites to digital web marketing channels & maintain synchronized product data between your eCommerce and marketing channels.
  • Order Hub
    Transform an eCommerce system into a marketplace. Synchronize a large number of sellers into a unified, central shop & connect moving product data from sellers to the central shop and order data from the central shop to the individual sellers.
  • Product Hub
    Connect Brands with Retailers to easily share Product Content & Synchronize Content for all Players in an eCommerce ecosystem.

How Our Product Data Feed Solutions Work

By using the Highstreet.io Connect SaaS Platform you can leverage the same Enterprise Integration Pattern (EIP) platform for all of your (product, order, inventory and logistics) commerce data.

Your Feedback

Let us know how you’re currently connecting your product data and content to other platforms and any frustrations you have. We are happy to give you tips and tricks based on our experience.

Contact Highstreet.io for a fully managed product feed management solution. We specialize in setting up and managing all types of product feeds. Highstreet.io has a wealth of experience in maximizing your shopping campaign performance in the areas of fashion, apparel, consumer electronics and household item products listings.