Social Commerce

Be where your customers are. Showcase your products on the most relevant Social Media Platforms and Skyrocket your eCommerce Sales.

Social networks are increasingly important for product search and ecommerce. People use social media to learn about products, brands and find inspiration. So why not be there when they’re searching for products like yours?

Provide your customers with all the information they need to research, compare, and ultimately choose your products.

Benefits of Social Commerce

Social Commerce enables selling and buying experience within major Social Media Platforms, helping you to:

Boost Web Traffic

Get people to search and click on your products with improved posts and ads.

Deliver Value

Offer more relevant products to your audience based on their search intent and needs.

Gain More Visibility

Showcase highly detailed product information where users are searching.

Increase Sales

Place your products and shop in front of the right people, at the right time.

Deliver Seamless Ecommerce UX

Create interactive shopping experience, offering users the ability to checkout directly within the network they’re using.

Reach More People

Attract customers as they discover your products.

Expand Market

Easily reach international markets and directly test new ones.

Target Potential Leads

Win highly targeted audience through available customer data.

Save Money

Single out customers who are more likely to purchase your products.

Improve Campaign Performance

Ensure maximum products exposure with high quality information optimized for social channels delivery.

Turn Any Social Channel Into a Shoppable Storefront

Bring your products to online spaces where your customers enjoy being & start selling on:


Showcase your catalog or selected products as customers easily navigate Facebook Shops. Create a customizable store where consumers can directly shop from.


Create shopping stories and posts with tags liked to your e-commerce: users can discover your products through their app as you include links to products on their stories and posts.


Advertise various products in a single image. Products images are displayed, along with other information, allowing interested users to click through to your site.


Sell digital and downloadable products directly from your videos by creating catalogs for viewers to explore and buy directly.


Connect with influencers to create product-focused AR content. Create long-lasting connections as you enable users to interact with your content and purchase products right from the app.


Attract users with engaging and creative shoppable videos and ads to grow your e-commerce store and follower base.

Choose the Right Technology Partner

Get the technical expertise and professional guidance you deserve, to offer the best service & shopping experience to your customers.

Customize product data to create enriched feeds tailored to your needs
Manage products & inventory catalogues to optimize your marketing, all in one place
Keep track of product or inventory status, as well as changes in prices, with real time feeds
Monitor product performance by connecting to your preferred analytics system
Stay ahead of ever changing channel requirements with flexible configurations

How it works

Turn your catalogues into high-quality product feeds to ensure an engaging customer experience, and increase sales across all Social Media Channels. Provide Your Catalog, Price, & Inventory Updates (through API, Feeds, or Direct Connection).
We take care of everything else:

  • Feed Configuration
    Direct connection to Shopify, Magento, Salesforce , Prestashop, provided VCS server, or API in order to have all the required information to upload your product catalog in our platform.

  • Product Data Optimization and Synchronization
    Immediate upload into Highstreet.io Database Collections : product data such as basic info, stock and prices, is optimized and maintained up-to-date through our system of flow configurations, and adjusted to your business needs.

  • Enhanced Product Data Info for Multiple Markets and Social Media Channels
    High quality data feeds are enhanced with more detailed information that reflects highly required quality standards, consistent with user search terms, and based on your final requests & goals.

Get Optimized, Customized, High Quality Automated Feeds with Highstreet.io Flexibility & Adaptability

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The Highstreet.io platform aids us greatly by synchronizing product content, price and availability data with various digital advertising platforms, including social media channels, to ensure the information is always updated and consistent with that displayed on the website. Highstreet.io gives us the ability to diversify the strategy for each brand and in each country that we operate, enabling the Business team and the various agencies that collaborate with us to carry out targeted, product-based marketing campaigns. The effective management of more than 900 active digital feeds helps us achieve high standards with our marketing campaigns even in complex periods such as seasonal sales.”

— Davide Ambrosini
Web Marketing IT Coordinator, CALZEDONIA GROUP

Get Ready to Skyrocket your Social Commerce Sales

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